Monday, October 11, 2010

Learn the names of the foreign stock markets

foreign-stock-market names

If you live in Canada, your Canadian stock market is the Totonto Stock Exchange. In America it is the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange. But I am confident most of us know very little about the stock exchanges or foregin bourses of the other major economies of the world. Stock market results around the world are so intertwined that not knowinf the neames of the foreign stock funds leaves us at a disadvantage as we try to get the most from our stock market experience.
Can you name the stock exchange of your home country? Sure you can as you certainly hear a stock market report every day detailing the ups and downs of stock market prices as they absorb the effects of economic conditions in our respective countries as well as other countries around the world. Globalization of the financial world means that every stock market is tied to every other one, whether it is the New York Stock Exchange, the Canadian stock market, known as the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Euronext the comprehensive European Union stock market or the more recognized London Stock Exchange.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Debit Consolidation Personal Debt Crisis

The world debt crisis has brought debit consolidation to the forefront. Many consumers now face a personal debt crisis. Addressing the debt crisis means extricating oneself from the debt death spiral with high unemployment and record foreclosures. Debit consolidation and credit card debt solutions have proven powerful allies. It easy to ignore ones true debt picture when engulfed by a mixture of fear, hopelessness and anger. To do so means just deepening one’s tie to the debt death spiral.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Monthly credit card payments keep you out of debt problems

Are you staring at a credit card bill with a large balance? Have you checked the web for credit solutions to help you handle your credit card account debt? Does your credit card payment disappear into the abyss due to your large interest payments? Is this problem with a bank credit card as well as cards issue by regular credit card companies? If so you have a lot of company as millions face unmanageable credit card debt each month. We are inundated with fantastic offers of credit and if we are not careful these offers of convenience can become anchors that will drag us to the depths of financial disaster.
When you get to the place that your credit card debt puts you in a position where you cannot make reasonable payments to overcome the debt, the convenience changes to potentially ruinous situation. Many folks have had their credit damaged in such a way that even in the current period of record low mortgage rates they cannot take advantage of the situation due to their credit being rated at such a poor level. This plague has made us captives to our plastic. We must change the way we handle our cards so they are not our master.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The different Types of ETF (Exchange Traded Funds)

Types-of-ETFs-Exchange-Traded-Funds So are you asking the obvious question: What are exchange traded funds? If so you are in a fraternity (or sorority, ladies) that is shrinking rapidly. ETFs have exploding growth, topping 1,000 total funds earlier this year. Actually there were less than 100 as recently as 2003, but over the last four years the growth in the number of exchange traded funds has been 400%.
Exchange traded funds have some similarities to stocks in that they will be traded through stock exchanges. They will mostly try to stay in line with some kind of stock market index like the S&P 500.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Index Funds - The stock mutual fund for best diversification

Index-funds-Agreat way to diversify in stocks
 Are you lost when it comes to understanding the terms of the stock market? Do words like Index Fund, mutual fund and exchange traded fund make you shake your head? You want to collect the best funds in your portfolio to drive your retirement strategy but you have no idea what all this nonsense means. The stock prices that fill the daily stock quotes look like nothing but more gibberish, leading you to want to stay out of this fray. A good financial advisor would be your best bet to make sure you know what is happening with your money as they can tell you every last excruciating detail of what is involved.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oil Investing Conspiracy Theories - Matthew Simmons Oil Investment

Oil investing Conspiracies theories pop up when ever there is a large fall or rise in oil. This is largely because of the political nature of oil. You have the big oil theories, Iran and China oil weapon theories and the peak oil conspiracy theories. The death of Matthew Simmons has sparked off new conspiracy theories. In extraordinary timing just as BP announced they had plugged the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Simmons was one of the leading proponents of Peak Oil.

Credit Card Debt Solutions for Your Personal Debt Crisis


The world debt crisis has left many of us with a personal debt crisis. Credit card debt solutions may have added to your personal debt crisis. In the U.S., U.K. and Europe the debt crisis have meant huge unemployment and stalling consumer confidence.  This has factored stubborn debt levels with an inability to finance them. Many consumers have turned to credit cards to not only make purchases but pay off other debt. We have seen an increasing amount of people paying their existing loans minimum payments with cash advances from their credit cards. In essence the attempt at credit card debt solutions has resulted in more debt, a greater personal debt crisis.

Online Forex Currency Converters are a foreign exchange trader's dream

online foreign-currency-exchange converters
The business of finance changes rapidly every day, with a plethora of world events driving the stock markets of the world up and down with rises and drops significant enough to make a roller coaster envious. The world economies play off each other in ways our ancestors would have never conceived. That is why an online currency converter is a great tool to have in your arsenal of financial tools.
The Forex currency rates are fluid just like the stock exchange indexes, meaning they can fluctuate minute by minute, making the best time to buy or sell vary enough that you need to be able to pin down the best time for your actions of selling or buying stocks from other countries. There is nothing more maddening than executing a trade and seeing that your choice of timing is horrible due to the exchange rate at the moment being so bad.

Online credit card payment - The best way to pay our bill

Why not pay your credit card bill online? If you are here you are compfortable with using the internet. The Credit card companies are going to be happy to see online credit card payment his thie web site as it means they have your money. If you pay credit card bills this way you have less head ache as you reduce the paper trash that fills your mail box, trouble finding or buying stamps and the trip to your mail receptacle.
You need to make your credit card payments within the grace period provded by the credit card companies and paying your crdiet card bill online makes it easier for you to pick when your payment is sent.