Monday, October 11, 2010

Learn the names of the foreign stock markets

foreign-stock-market names

If you live in Canada, your Canadian stock market is the Totonto Stock Exchange. In America it is the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange. But I am confident most of us know very little about the stock exchanges or foregin bourses of the other major economies of the world. Stock market results around the world are so intertwined that not knowinf the neames of the foreign stock funds leaves us at a disadvantage as we try to get the most from our stock market experience.
Can you name the stock exchange of your home country? Sure you can as you certainly hear a stock market report every day detailing the ups and downs of stock market prices as they absorb the effects of economic conditions in our respective countries as well as other countries around the world. Globalization of the financial world means that every stock market is tied to every other one, whether it is the New York Stock Exchange, the Canadian stock market, known as the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Euronext the comprehensive European Union stock market or the more recognized London Stock Exchange.

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